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The Wesley


Louis on 9th

Currently this site consists of the following single storey retail: Starbucks, California Closets, Oak & Vine, and Trail Appliances, as well as a surface parking lot fronting onto 9th Ave SE.

Our intention is to modify the existing land-use to enable the development of a transit oriented, mixed-use, multi-residential site.

Historical context

Built around the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1883, the historic neighborhood of Inglewood is known as the “place between the rivers and the railroad”. Today it is a vibrant neighborhood that is home to many diverse populations and businesses, and plays host to several large events such as the Inglewood Night Market and Inglewood Sunfest. The proposed project site fronts on to the local main street 9th Ave SE, which was itself originally established in the 1880’s as Calgary’s first commercial district, and was known as Atlantic Avenue. While this site is not itself part of a historical resource inventory, it is surrounding by an eclectic collection of buildings. The 1906 Edwardian-classical style "Fire Hall No.3" and modern AVLI on Atlantic lie to the north, while the contemporary Art Block is situated at its west face, and the 1910 Edwardian-commercial style "National Hotel" stands at its south flank. Our vision is that this proposed project will ultimately add positively to the vibrant, eclectic nature of this neighborhood.


about the Developers

Why the name Louis on 9th?

11th St was a dividing line between two major historical developers of this community. A business group led by North West Mounted Police (NWMP) commissioners A.G. Irvine, Major John Stewart, and former commissioner James F. Macleod, developed the area east of 11th St, which eventually became Atlantic Avenue, and the core of Inglewood’s main street. Orr’s group developed the area west of 11th St SE, where the proposed development is located. They acquired the land from an early Métis settler name Louis Roselle, who inspired the name of this project.

Proposed names were brought to initial engagement sessions in June 2019 and support was given to Louis on 9th by community members as the name of the proposed development.